France is one of our important European destinations and an important tourist destination in Europe overlooking the Mediterranean and the Atlantic Ocean, so we have provided distinguished services in shipping cars from Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah to most of the ports of France, in addition to providing a car shipping service from France to the Emirates.

We provide you with the service of car shipping and motorcycles shipping through sea freight in a special container or by assembling several cars in a common container, in addition to the air freight service for cars from Dubai and Abu Dhabi to Paris – France to ensure their speedy arrival.

Our services include completing all the procedures required to complete the shipping process and providing shipping and safety solutions that meet the needs of customers according to the best international standards, in addition to car insurance services throughout the transportation period and ensuring their arrival as soon as possible.


What documents required to ship cars from Dubai to France?

There is a set of documents and conditions that must be available to allow the car to enter France. It is better to review and verify them before shipping the car to France, whether for final export or temporary tourism. The most important documents required:

  • – A passport copy
  • – original title
  • – Tax Number
  • – Tourist travel certificate / or export certificate from the Traffic or Roads and Transport Authority
  • – Bill of landing


The most important advantages of our car shipping service from Dubai to France

  • Examination, accurate installation, and inspection of the vehicle before carrying out the shipping process, with an explanation of the shipping mechanism and the documents and documents required in both countries, the UAE and France.
  • Follow safe and modern methods to maintain cars during the shipping process to France and their proper arrival.
  • Correct coordination of documentation, handling processes and customs clearance processes at ports of export and destination.
  • Skill in choosing shipping lines to France, whether through the port of Le Havre or the port of Marseille.
  • Diversity in car shipping options, such as full container shipping, bulk shipping, Ro-Ro shipping, or air cargo shipping.
  • Competitive prices and services to ensure customer confidence and transparency in the pricing process by clarifying all expenses incurred in shipping the car from the UAE.


Car shipping from France to the UAE

In shipping cars from France and Europe to Dubai and the UAE, our services also include organizing and managing the shipping process with the customer in all its steps to ensure that the process of shipping the car or motorcycle will be carried out in a flexible and proper manner.

Speed ​​in delivery, competitiveness, vehicle safety and others are our constant criteria in every shipping process to and from France, in addition to providing insurance services against shipping risks.

We at Car 2 ship Car Shipping Services are always striving to develop our services in international car transportation across borders by providing comprehensive and high-quality services according to the needs of customers in shipping vehicles from Dubai, Abu Dhabi to France and vice versa.

Remember that we also can provide car shipping from UAE to Europe with professional services thinking always in saving your time, money, and effort.

Finally, we would like to note that the car shipping prices from Dubai and the Emirates to France and French cities vary according to the method of shipping and the date of shipping throughout the year.