Many people move between Dubai and the United States of America for study, tourism, treatment, diplomatic work, or business, which requires with it their growing desire to ship their cars from Dubai to the United States of America, and the ways of shipping cars to the United States vary between air freight Or sea freight of its different types, and in the following points we will shed light on the method of shipping cars from Dubai to the United States with an explanation of the different types of that service, so follow us.

Car shipping from Dubai to America by Sea Freight

Car shipping takes place starting from receiving the car from the customer’s door or receiving it from him at Gate No. 2 in Jebel Ali Port, then completing the necessary permits and customs procedures for shipping the car, then the car is shipped in one of the following ways in order to transport it by ship until it reaches One of the different ports of the United States of America, such as the Port of Los Angeles, the Port of New York, the Port of Houston, the Port of Miami, the Port of Auckland, or the Port of Charleston, depending on the destination that the car will go to, and in the following points we will explain the shipping options:

Shipping cars to the USA via RORO ships

These ships are used to ship vehicles and all types of cars of all sizes and in large quantities, as they are equipped with equipment that allows these cars to be driven to and from the ship easily and quickly.

 Shipping cars to the USA via containers

Containers are available in sizes from 20 feet and 40 feet, and the containers are suitable for all types and numbers of cars to be shipped, as the cars are installed inside the containers in a tight, organized, and safe manner, ensuring that they are not exposed to damage.

These containers are used to transport the customer’s car and are specially reserved for him, in which the car is safely placed inside the customer’s container, and one of the features of these containers is that they allow the customer to put any personal belongings in the container with his car.

Steps you must take before shipping your car:

1- You must be aware of all charges related to shipping the vehicle.

2- Select an international car shipping company and preferred shipping method to transport your car from Dubai to the United States

3- Select your vehicle’s departure and destination ports

4- Make sure that the undercarriage of the vehicle is clean and free from foreign dust

5- If you wish to register your vehicle for road use in the US, your vehicle must carry the International Registration Mark, or if you are a US resident, you will need to register your vehicle with the DMV in your country of residence

Advantages of choosing Car to Ship in shipping cars from Dubai to the USA:

  • The company’s ability and experience in following up and completing all documents and customs procedures necessary for shipping cars.
  • Car to Ship provides car insurance against shipping risks.
  • We have strong relationships with international shipping lines, which provide the required reservations to American ports.
  • Car to Ship always works to reduce shipping costs while adopting the principle of competitive pricing.
  • We have a highly experienced team working in marine freight operations for cars that meet all customer requirements.
  • Paying attention to the accurate fixing and linkage of the car before shipping it, with a full inspection of it.