One of the services that Car to Ship is characterized by is shipping cars from the UAE to all Gulf countries back and forth through special flatbed trucks.

Here, we will highlight one of the land shipping methods through the private flatbed trucks, known as (Recovery).

Definition of road freight service for cars in general

The method of land shipping for cars from the Emirates is one of the most common ways between the Emirates and the Gulf countries and the Middle East, because the Emirates, especially Dubai and Sharjah, are two important centers for companies selling new and luxury cars, and it is a destination for buyers from the Gulf countries, neighboring countries, and the world.

 It is used in the road freight of cars, collective car carriers that carry many cars on two floors through daily and weekly trips, in addition to the special flatbed trucks (recovery) with its two types, the open surface and the closed hydraulic surface (full down), which descends to the ground level when boarding the vehicle. on her.

What is a special flatbed truck?

It is the easiest and fastest way where new, used, expensive, luxurious, or even damaged or shocked cars are shipped to the country to which they are required to be transported.

This is done by placing the customer’s car on a special means of transport that keeps the car safe from various risks during the transportation and delivery processes.

Types of special flatbed trucks:

The special flatbed truck is distinguished by their different types, where there is a normal open surface, and there is a hydraulic surface, as well as a completely closed surface, either with a curtain or a box, and these surfaces are used to transport one car only, as it is characterized by the speed in transportation and excellent preservation of the car.

, Shipping cars from the UAE to the Gulf countries via a special flatbed truck (recovery)

Car shipping service from the Emirates to the Gulf countries and vice versa through Car to Ship:

The Car to Ship shipping service covers cars and motorcycles using special flatbed trucks from the UAE to the Gulf countries and vice versa. Cars are received from all regions in the Emirates, whether in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Al Ain, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, and others, and shipping to other countries All of the Gulf, with all its cities in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, the Sultanate of Oman, and vice versa as well, where cars are received from anywhere in the cities of the Gulf countries and shipped to the Emirates by special flatbed trucks.

Advantages of the transportation service by private flatbed truck (recovery) via Car to Ship

There are many advantages of transporting cars using the special flatbed truck through the Car to Ship service for shipping from the UAE to the Gulf countries, whether back or forth, to several features that make it at the forefront of companies that provide this service, and we mention these features as follows:

  • The speed of door-to-door delivery with its distinction in the correct performance of the service.
  • Car to Ship uses the latest means of shipping cars and motorcycles through its own rooftop, constantly pursuing customer satisfaction.
  • Customers’ cars are transported and shipped to the Gulf countries and Jordan, by trained drivers who have high experience in completing this task by following safe and preventive methods to maintain the car and deliver it in the highest and safest way.
  • Car to Ship helps finish most of the procedures and permits for the shipping process.
  • Car shipping management system through our website at Car to Ship to save time, facilitate communication with customers, and obtain car shipping prices from the UAE and the required documents easily.
  • Providing competitive price offers in shipping motorcycles and shipping cars to the Gulf countries and Jordan through a special flatbed truck (recovery).


, Shipping cars from the UAE to the Gulf countries via a special flatbed truck (recovery) , Shipping cars from the UAE to the Gulf countries via a special flatbed truck (recovery)