At Car 2 ship Car and Motorcycle Shipping Services, we always strive to be your right choice to meet your requirements in shipping cars from the Emirates to London and the cities of the United Kingdom. Globally, whether through containers or by RORO shipping service

We are always working to follow the safe and correct shipping processes that ensure that cars are shipped from Dubai and Jebel Ali Port to London Port, Southampton Port or Felixstowe and other ports in UK according to the best standards and at competitive prices.


How to ship cars from Dubai to UK?

Car shipping from the Emirates to London – Britain via containers

This method is one of the favorite methods of customers among other shipping methods, where we provide containers of different sizes and types that suit all types and numbers of cars to be shipped, with their arrangement and installation inside the containers in a tight, organized and safe manner, ensuring that they are not exposed to damage or move throughout the shipping period, Our competitive freight rates are based on providing solid partnerships and contracts with international shipping lines.

Containers provide good protection for cars and vehicles during transport from damage or theft as they are closed at the port of shipment after cars are loaded and are not usually opened until they reach their destination in Britain, so they are ideal for maintaining cars throughout the shipment.

We have 20ft containers that can accommodate one car and 40ft containers that can accommodate three or four cars depending on their sizes.


Car shipping from Dubai to UK via RORO ships

These ships are used to ship cars and all types of vehicles and trucks of various sizes in large quantities, but it takes a longer period of time to reach its destination in England.


Car shipping from Dubai to London – United Kingdom via air freight

It is a distinguished service that we provide through our contracts with international airlines through a team expert in all air freight procedures for cars and motorcycles through Dubai and Abu Dhabi airports.


Our advantages in car shipping service from the UAE to Britain:

  • Our professional team with its specialized expertise in the field of car shipping from the UAE has the full ability to deal with all shipping procedures for cars destined for the United Kingdom.
  • Our distinguished contracts with the best shipping line companies that provide their services to Britain through regular flights.
  • Providing internal transport surfaces to receive cars from the customer’s door when shipping from all regions in the United Arab Emirates.
  • Careful examination and inspection of the vehicle before carrying out the process of linking and fixing inside the container and then shipping with an explanation of the shipping operations and the documents and documents required in both countries.
  • Ease booking and obtaining free quotations through our website.
  • Knowledge, quality of services and permanent development in addition to competitive price offers.

Finally, we would like to note that the prices of car shipping from Dubai to UK  vary according to the method of shipping and the date of shipping throughout the year.