The Sultanate of Oman is one of the modern destinations that many want to spend their holidays in, where people can enjoy the beautiful atmosphere and restaurants overlooking the ocean, and do not forget the trade and study exchange between the Emirates and the Sultanate of Oman, all of the above made many people move between Dubai and the Sultanate of Oman with all its cities.

As a result of this movement, many are looking for car and motorcycle shipping companies that provide them with transporting their cars from Dubai to the Sultanate of Oman.

Car to Ship provides car shipping service from Dubai to most cities in the Sultanate of Oman, and this car shipping process takes place in many shipping methods, including sea freight and land freight, and in the next lines we will shed light on car shipping from Dubai to the Sultanate of Oman via Land freight service, especially by using the carrier or the surface.

Shipping cars from the UAE to the Sultanate of Oman via land freight:

When it comes to shipping your car or motorcycle to any of the Gulf countries, sending it by land freight is your best option. Land freight is one of the easiest and fastest shipping methods, as shipping is done by tankers and surfaces of all kinds.

Car shipping from Dubai to the Sultanate of Oman by flatbed truck or car carrier:

Car to Ship provides a car shipping service through collective car carriers, and these carriers are surfaces that are relatively large in size than the private decks, and the collective decks consist of two floors and were originally designed to transport cars collectively as they can accommodate eight cars, and these carriers save a lot of Expenses and shipping costs are on the customer, but the disadvantage is that it takes a relatively long time to reach its destination compared to a private flatbed truck.

Car shipping from Dubai to the Sultanate of Oman via private flatbed truck (recovery):

One of the special services provided by Car to Ship to ship cars from Dubai to the Sultanate of Oman is the special flatbed truck, and these trucks are used to transport only one car, such as modern, luxury, or sports cars, as well as cars that have been damaged or that have been damaged.

The special types of trucks include the regular types that are exposed, and other types covered to protect cars from different weather conditions as well as sunlight, and there are private roofs trucks that are completely closed either with a curtain or a box, and they are characterized by the speed in transportation faster than collective roofs, with their ability to maintain the car is super safe.

In addition, there is the hydraulic type, whether for carrier or private flatbed truck, and there are open and covered hydraulic surfaces, and this type is characterized by the fact that it can be lowered to the ground level to suit sports cars and modern and luxury cars.

Advantages of choosing Car to Ship cars from Dubai or Abu Dhabi to the Sultanate of Oman by land:

  • The company provides a door-to-door delivery of cars and motorcycles, i.e., the car is received from the customer’s door in the UAE, shipped, and delivered to the place specified by the customer within any city in the Sultanate of Oman.
  • Car to Ship has a team of highly trained drivers who prepare the car and lift it above the flatbed truck with the utmost care to preserve it from any shocks and secure it completely.
  • Finalizing most documents and permits and doing all customs procedures through specialists in this field without the slightest effort on the client.
  • Car to Ship uses the latest advanced means of charging cars by using the special surface (recovery), which leads to raising the level of service quality.
  • Car to Ship also provides car shipping service for a wide range of cars, including sedans, SUVs, sports cars, classic cars, racing cars, vintage cars, SUVs, and trucks.