Car shipping from the UAE to Portugal

Portugal is a country located in southern Europe bordered by Spain to the north, it is characterized by pleasant beaches, picturesque nature, and ancient historical buildings, a large part of its architecture dates back to the fifteenth and eighteenth centuries when Portugal had a strong maritime empire, and the amazing city of Lisbon is one of the most beautiful sites On this planet, in addition to being a global city due to its importance in media, entertainment, finance, trade, commerce, and tourism.

Therefore, we find a lot of mutual matters between the Emirates and Portugal, where many people move from the Emirates to Portugal for tourism and academic purposes, as well as for commercial exchange, and shipping operations for their belongings always have priority in their thinking, especially in searching for companies specialized in shipping cars from the Emirates to Lisbon And Portugal, so we will navigate together in the following paragraphs on how to ship cars from the UAE to Portugal.

Car shipping from Dubai to Portugal by sea freight

One of the main methods used to ship cars from the UAE to Portugal is sea freight, as it is less expensive than air freight, although it takes longer, and the sea freight process takes place by receiving the car from the customer’s door or handing over the car to the customer at the shipping company’s headquarters, And then transported to the port of Jebel Ali, and from there to the port of Lisbon and the various ports of Portugal, and the methods of sea freight vary between shipping on the back of RORO ships, and shipping inside containers, and we will explain each method now.

1- Car shipping by RORO ships

One of the most important advantages of shipping cars via the RORO ships method is that any type or size of the car can be shipped easily, especially those types that are difficult to transport inside containers such as transport cars.

We must consider that the car is operating efficiently, as the car has been driven and placed on board the ships under a cover to protect it from weather factors, and we must not put any personal items or goods inside the car during the shipping process.

2- Car shipping inside containers

If you want a safe trip for your car from all external factors, then shipping cars inside containers is the best way, as the containers are 20 feet in size and are closed from the inside, and all their contents are safe from vandals, weather, and the possibility of theft during shipment,

You can also save money by sharing a large container, 40 feet, with a customer or other customers, shipping your car with their car, and the sea freight process from the UAE to Portugal with all its procedures takes about 28 working days.

One of the advantages of this method is that you can ship goods or personal effects with your car in the same container.

Air freight for cars from the UAE to Portugal

If you want to ship your car from the UAE to Portugal in a short period of time, then the air freight service is the best method available to you, compared to shipping by sea, which may take weeks, as the car is received from the customer’s door and transferred to one of the UAE airports, depending on the place of receipt. Then the car is secured and fully examined, and then installed inside the plane that moves to Portuguese airports.

The time frame for transportation through air freight varies between 2 to 10 days depending on the destination and the route to the destination.

It is preferable to use the air freight method for high-value, luxury, or sports cars due to the high cost of this method of shipping.

Conditions for importing a car into Portugal

  • The car importer is exempted from customs duties for a temporary import period of 6 months, during which the final import of the car must take place.
  • Duties and taxes costs depend on the car’s value in Portugal.
  • If no final import of the vehicle takes place, the vehicle must leave the country for 6 months.
  • Only one car is allowed to be imported.