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We provide you with professional car shipping service from the UAE & the world via sea, land and air freight.

Car shipping to & from Dubai and the UAE

We provide faster services and great prices for shipping any vehicle from the United Arab Emirates to many ports and cities of the world.

car shipping dubai, car shipping company in dubai UAE


Car shipping internationally has become easier for individuals and companies through global cargo ships, as cars are shipped by sea through containers with different types of goods, and despite the multiplicity of reasons that make people ship cars to the world, whether for residence or trade, sea freight for cars remained the option. Basic and best in most cases. We provide you with car shipping services via containers or by Ro-Ro ships from Dubai and the UAE to more than 300 destinations around the world through regular weekly sailing to many international ports in Europe, Africa, and Asia in addition to Canada and America.

car shipping dubai, car shipping company in dubai UAE


Car shipping by land freight from the UAE is one of the most common ways between the UAE, the Gulf countries, and the Middle East, because the UAE, Dubai, and Sharjah, are important centers for companies selling new and used cars and a destination for buyers from the Gulf countries, neighboring countries, and the world. Vehicle shipping via road freight is used by collective car carriers that carry many cars on two floors through daily and weekly trips, in addition to the special flatbed trucks (recovery) with its two types of exposed surfaces and the closed hydraulic roof (Full Down) that go down to the ground level when the vehicle is boarded on her.

car shipping dubai, car shipping company in dubai UAE


Our services in car shipping from Dubai and Abu Dhabi airports cover many of the major international airports around the world, and we rely that on the selection of distinguished airlines for air freight. Wherever your destination is in Europe, Africa, or the Arab countries, we provide our distinguished services in air freight for cars, starting from the completion of the procedures and documents necessary for shipping, as well as the required insurance, until customs clearance and safe delivery of the car at the intended destination. What distinguishes us in car shipping by air freight is the experience in securing the required reservations

We provide you with satisfactory solutions in shipping cars to the world.

Through years of work and experience in car shipping, we have been able to carry out thousands of shipments around the world, obtain customer satisfaction and develop our shipping business.

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We specialize in international car shipping services from the UAE to the world through sea freight, land freight, and even air freight. We provide faster services and great prices for shipping any vehicle from the United Arab Emirates to many ports and cities of the world.

Our employees have more than 10 years of experience in the car shipping industry and car safety and security procedures, and Car 2 ship provides guidance on the documents needed in exporting cars process and customs clearance in an effort to facilitate the car shipping process and gain the confidence of customers.

car shipping dubai, car shipping company in dubai UAE

What Customers Say About Our Car Shipping Services?

Meet some of our clients and read what they say about our vehicle shipping services, share your experience and help us become better by leaving your feedback

I shipped my car from Dubai to Lisbon, Portugal using Car 2 ship Cargo with the very professional, attentive.

Sandra Faria


Car 2 ship Cargo Service & Clearance are professional and exceptionally responsive! They genuinely care and follow up to make sure you are happy with there service even after delivering!!

Rouba Elsheikh


I just used Car 2 ship to relocate my car from the UAE to KSA. I had great service, the car was delivered quickly and without any damage.
The Company was very responsive and helpful and the driver was very professional.
I would definitely recommend

Benoit Mcnamara

Sandra FariaPortugalRouba ElsheikhAustraliaBenoit McnamaraKSA


We provide you with professional services in shipping vehicles through a wide global network and a cooperative team that seeks to reach your aspirations in international car shipping

Best options

We provide our customers with the best options for car shipping from the UAE, all over the the world.

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We know how to make vehicle shipping easy and follow the right terms for deliveries.

Car security

Car security is our priority while shipping & handling over the world.

Any Payment Method

All payment methods are acceptable for ordering our car shipping services

Customer Support

If you have any inquiries or an urgent question, our customer support is there.

Tracking while shipping

Track your car online via our website using the tracking number on B/L

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Do not hesitate to visit Dubai and meet the tremendous business opportunities, and to see the large auto market in Dubai, Sharjah and the UAE. Contact us to get free quotes for shipping cars from the UAE.

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