We provide you with all your requirements in car shipping from the United Arab Emirates to Morocco.

Car 2 ship Car Shipping Services has provided distinguished services in sea freight for cars from Jebel Ali port in Dubai to the port of Casablanca in Morocco at the lowest costs, including the completion of all procedures required to complete the car shipping process and providing shipping solutions that meet your needs according to the best international standards, in addition to car insurance services throughout the transportation period and ensuring its arrival as soon as possible.


Our advantages in car shipping service from Dubai to Morocco:

  • Our professional team with its specialized expertise in car shipping from the UAE has the full ability to deal with all shipping procedures for cars destined for Morocco.
  • Our distinguished contracts with international shipping lines that provide their services to Morocco through regular flights.
  • Providing recovery surface trucks to receive cars from the customer’s door when shipping from all regions in the Emirates.
  • Careful examination and inspection of the vehicle before carrying out the process of linking and fixing inside the container and then shipping with an explanation of the shipping operations and the documents and documents required in both countries.
  • Ease of booking and obtaining free quotations through our website.
  • Knowledge, quality of services and permanent development in addition to competitive price offers.

We would like to note that the prices of car shipping from the UAE to Morocco vary according to the method of shipping and the date of shipping throughout the year.

Car shipping methods from UAE to Morocco:

Shipping cars from the UAE via full containers:

This system is one of the best shipping methods used in shipping cars to the port of Casablanca, where we provide 20-foot and 40-foot containers that suit the sizes and numbers of cars to be transported, while arranging the process of lining up and linking them inside the containers in an accurate and orderly manner, ensuring that they are not subjected to scratching or damage during the shipping period Not to mention the possibility of adding some additional materials and items when shipping with a special container.


Car shipping from Dubai by common containers:

It is considered one of the least expensive ways when several cars are available for shipping to Morocco at the same time, where the customer’s car is shipped in part of the container or container with other cars that are assembled from several customers to reduce and distribute the costs and expenses of shipping.


Car shipping from Dubai via Ro-Ro ships:

It is a type of ships for transporting vehicles and large mechanisms of various kinds, where these ships are equipped with equipment that allows these vehicles to be driven to and from the ship by its wheels or by using other means of transportation that enter through gates that are often located at the back of the ship. These gates can be front or side allowing Fast loading and unloading using hydraulic ramps to facilitate transport movement, and the arrival time is often longer than shipping via special containers.


Car shipping from Dubai to Morocco via air freight

It is a service that we provide through our contracts with international airlines through a team expert in all air freight procedures for cars and motorcycles through Dubai and Abu Dhabi airports.