Australia is an isolated island continent, and it is the sixth-largest country in the world, however, its small population is concentrated mostly along the east coast and the southeast corner of the continent. In recent years, Australia ranks as the fifth-largest user of freight in the world, as each year, there are about 12,000 freight trips made by incoming sea freight abroad and about 380 million tons of freight transported into Australian waters.

Therefore, we find that the UAE is among the countries that exchange dealings with Australia, especially the Emirate of Dubai, where trade exchanges, tourist trips, and scientific exchanges. Car shipping desires spread from Dubai to Australia.

Information about shipping cars to Australia

Cars are often manufactured outside Australia according to different specifications from the specifications required by the Australian market, so when shipping any car from Dubai to Australia, whether new or used, it must comply with Australian market standards and safety and emissions standards in Australia, so before shipping any car to Australia The customer must have obtained import approval from the Department of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Development and the local government (approval certifies that the vehicle meets Australian Design Rules – ADRs).

Also, for those with a tourist or temporary resident visa, they can import a car for up to 12 months without paying customs duties.

Car shipping from Dubai to Australia by sea freight

Since the international sea freight for cars has become easier for individuals as well as companies, so we find it one of the best ways to ship cars for people who want to move from Dubai to Australia, whether for trade, education, tourism, or others. Car to Ship service provides car shipping in all kinds of shipping methods Sea, whether through full containers, custom containers, or RORO ships, as it carries out the process of shipping cars from Jebel Ali Port to Australian ports, Port Sydney (Port Botany), Port Melbourne, Port Brisbane, Port Adelaide, Port Fremantle, Port Westport.

Car shipping routes from Dubai to Australia

 Vehicles shipping from Dubai to Australia with full containers

Car to Ship provides the ability to ship cars in full and assembled containers for many cars, and the sizes of these containers vary between 20 feet and 40 feet, to suit all types and numbers of cars desired to be shipped, as the cars are installed inside the containers in a tight, orderly and secure manner, which ensures Not to be damaged or moved during the shipping period, with the possibility of the customer placing any additional luggage of his own with the car inside his container.

Car shipping from Dubai to Australia via RORO ships

These ships are used to ship vehicles and all types of cars of all sizes in large quantities. They are equipped with equipment that allows these cars to be driven from and to the ship quickly and easily, so it is required that the car be operational and drivable.

Advantages of choosing Car to Ship in car shipping from Dubai to Australia:

  • The company’s ability and experience in following up and completing all documents and customs procedures necessary for shipping cars.
  • Car to Ship provides car insurance against shipping risks.
  • We have strong relationships with international shipping lines, which provide the required reservations to Australian ports.
  • Car to Ship always works to reduce shipping costs while adopting the principle of competitive pricing.
  • We have a highly experienced team working in marine freight operations for cars that meet all customer requirements.
  • Paying attention to the accurate installation and linkage of the car before shipping it, with a full inspection of it.