Canada is considered the second largest country in the world in terms of area, and it also enjoys the presence of picturesque landscapes that attract tourists, and it is among the countries that have commercial and industrial dealings with the Emirates, and there are the largest academic universities, so we find many people who accept to travel Always from Dubai and the UAE to Canada, and of course, shipping cars from Dubai to Canada is one of the important things for many of them, as the process of shipping cars to Canada is done either by air freight or sea freight.

Car shipping from Dubai to Canada by sea

Like sea freight for cars from Dubai to many countries of the world, cars are shipped using one of the sea freight methods, which is represented in one of two ways:

1- The first method is via RORO ships

The most cost-effective way to ship your car to your destination ports in Canada, Ro-Ro ships are just designed to transport cars of all sizes and types, where the car is driven and placed on board, then all cars are secured on board under cover away from Weather conditions, as a rule of thumb to use the RORO method, all cars must be in full working condition and can be driven by the loading team.

The car may not be loaded with any other goods, or personal luggage and belongings. However, if the customer wishes to place personal effects or goods inside his car, we suggest the alternative method, by shipping his car in a container inside designated ships.

2- The second method is via containers

The cars are shipped inside containers, where the car is received from the customer’s door and transported to the port, or to reduce the cost for the customer, he can transport his car himself to the port, and the car is placed securely inside an individual container with a capacity of 20 feet, and the car can be placed with other cars inside The same container, which has a capacity of 40 feet, and this method is the most economical

The method of shipping cars inside containers allows the customer to place any personal belongings inside the container with his car.

Advantages of car shipping service from UAE to Canada through CAR TO SHIP

  • Providing car shipping from Dubai to Canada, whether the cars are for personal use or for trade.
  • Car to Ship offers competitive rates for shipping cars from Dubai to Canada, by using containers of different sizes, by roro ships, or by air freight.
  • All documents related to the shipping process are prepared and all customs procedures are completed at the port of departure from Dubai and the port of arrival in Canada.
  • Cars are carefully examined and then secured well and loaded inside the containers to be not exposed to any dangers.

Finaly, we would like to point out that car shipping rates from the UAE to Canada vary according to the shipping method and shipping date during the year, as well as according to the shipping line and transit time.