Car shipping from USA to Dubai

Many people move between the United States of America and the United Arab Emirates in order to study or work in the diplomatic field or business, such as buying cars from America and transporting them to the Emirates, all of these things require those who do them to ship their cars from America to Dubai and the Emirates, whether it is for personal reasons Or for the sake of trade, and due to the multiplicity of ways to ship cars from the United States to the UAE, between air or sea freight of various types, it has become necessary for us to clarify these methods:

Shipping cars from USA to Dubai by sea freight

In the beginning, the customer is required to specify the location of the car in the US states and describe its condition, along with sending pictures of it, in order to determine the transportation mechanism to the nearest seaport such as the Port of Los Angeles, the Port of New York, the Port of Houston, the Port of Miami, the Port of Oakland, or the Port of Charleston, And then completing all the permits and customs procedures that are required for the car shipping process, then the car is shipped by following one of the many shipping methods until the car reaches one of the UAE ports such as Jebel Ali Port or Khalifa Port.

Methods available for shipping cars from USA:

1- Car shipping by using RORO ships

Where cars are driven until they are placed on the deck of the ship through which the shipping process takes place, these ships are used to ship all kinds of cars of all sizes and in large quantities, as they are equipped with equipment that allows these cars to be driven to and from the ship easily and quickly.

2- Shipping cars via containers

Here, the car is placed inside a container and then transported on board the ship. The sizes of the containers vary between 20 feet and 40 feet, to suit all types and numbers of cars required to be shipped. Ensure that it does not suffer any damage.

Steps that you must take before shipping your car:

  • You must be fully aware of all customs fees related to shipping your car
  • You must specify the shipping company that works in shipping cars internationally, specifying which shipping methods are suitable for you to ship your car from America to the United Arab Emirates
  • The departure and arrival points of the car must also be specified, to facilitate the delivery and collection process.
  • Completing the purchase procedures in the event of purchasing from an auction and authorizing the shipping company to transport.
  •  Knowing the costs of land transportation from the location of the car to the nearest seaport.

Advantages of shipping cars from America to Dubai through Car to Ship

  • Experience in following up and completing customs papers and procedures that are required for the car shipment process.
  • Experience in shipping cars from US auctions.
  • Provide car insurance service to protect it against any risks or damages that may occur during the shipping process.
  • Car To Ship has strong and multiple relationships with all international shipping lines, which helps to provide reservations for any means of transportation required from American ports.
  • Car To Ship offers competitive prices with excellent customer service that enables the customer to track his car to its destination.
  • Car To Ship is interested in checking the car completely as well as installing it tightly and accurately before carrying out the shipping process.
  • Provide shipping and delivery service to the customer’s door.