The process of shipping cars from the Emirates to Saudi Arabia is one of the requirements that customers need, who always seek to choose professional car shipping companies in Dubai that have the full possibility to complete all procedures from receiving and delivering in a safe and efficient manner and on time to ensure the arrival of their cars without delay or damage.

Car 2 ship Car Shipping Services provides the best-distinguished services in land freight for cars from all cities of the Emirates to all cities and regions in the Saudi Arabia, in terms of service, safety, speed, competitive prices, and providing a fleet of trucks and equipped and various surfaces that suit all types of cars, with the necessary expertise. To provide insurance services on all cars throughout the transportation period.

 Our specialized team will take care of delivering your cars to their destination with the best capabilities and safe ways and on time.


The methods used to ship cars from the UAE to Saudi Arabia:

Shipping via private flatbed trucks: There are two types of recovery surfaces trucks, open and closed surfaces. These recovery trucks are usually used to transport only one car, as they are characterized by fast arrival, as the time required to ship the car to Saudi Arabia takes about two up to three days, depending on the city, as well as according to the procedures and the transit process and customs clearance at borders of UAE and Saudi Arabia.

Shipping via car carriers: It is considered a type of surface trucks, but it is large, as it is specially made to transport several cars ranging from 7 to 8 cars and consists of several parallel surfaces and is usually used by car shipping companies because of its safety and speed in transporting cars in large numbers and at appropriate costs in freight charges compared to special surfaces.

Car shipping by sea freight Sea: through 20-foot containers that can accommodate one car or 40 feet that can accommodate three to four cars, to be transported cars through Jebel Ali Port in Dubai and delivery to all Saudi ports such as Jeddah Islamic Port, Dammam Port, or Riyadh Dry Port.

What are the requirements for shipping export cars from the UAE to Saudi Arabia with export plates?

– An export certificate from the Traffic Department RTA, and the name of the carrier should be registered

– A copy of the Saudi passport and ID / or a copy of the residence permit if the recipient is a resident.

– An electronic authorization from the recipient on “Fasah” to the clearance office at the Saudi Batha border.


What are the requirements for shipping tourist cars from the UAE to Saudi Arabia?

– A tourist certificate from the Traffic Department RTA, and the name of the carrier should be registered.

– A copy of the passport and Emirates ID / and a copy of the residence permit if the owner of the car is a resident.

– A copy of the Saudi ID / or a copy of the residence permit in Saudi Arabia, if the owner is a resident.

– The original owner card of the car.

Advantages of our services:

  • Managing the car shipping process for all types of luxury, sports, and huge cars from all regions in the UAE to Saudi cities Riyadh, Dammam, Jeddah, Al Khobar, Al Madina, Makkah, Al Qasim, Abha, Hail and Tabuk from door to door with a professional, specialized service at a competitive cost with speed in delivery.
  • Providing temporary storage services for cars in the company’s warehouses.
  • Providing car insurance against shipping risks according to customer requirements.
  • Providing an integrated package of car shipping services through private surface trucks, group car carriers, and regular cross-border trip schedules with the ability to track the trip.
  • Accuracy in the process of fixing and inspecting cars before the shipping process.
  • Experience in dealing with documents and customs procedures in the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

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