In our interconnected world, the movement of goods and vehicles across borders has become commonplace and is facilitated by a global network of services. One of it is car shipping from the UAE to Switzerland.
Switzerland is a landlocked country, and this has always been a challenge for those seeking to import vehicles into Switzerland.
because you have to determine the appropriate entry point from neighbouring countries.
This will in most cases raise the overall cost of shipping the vehicle, as Switzerland is one of the countries Located on the European continent, specifically in its heart, it forms a democratic federal union. It is surrounded by five European countries: Germany from the northern side, Italy and Austria from the southern side, the Principality of Liechtenstein from the eastern side, and France from the western side.
But shipping vehicles to Switzerland becomes an easy task when you allow professional shipping companies such as
Car 2 Ship does the hard work for you.
We have shipped vehicles from different parts of the world, including the UAE to Switzerland, so you can trust us that we will deliver your vehicle most efficiently and effectively.

Ways to ship cars from Dubai to Switzerland:

There are many ways to ship cars to Switzerland. There is sea freight and air freight based on the customer’s desires in terms of period and financial capabilities.

Sea shipping of cars from Dubai to Switzerland:

Shipping containers to Switzerland We use containers to ship your car from Dubai to Switzerland.
You can either choose to use custom containers or simply shared containers.

Custom containers are containers with an area of 20 feet in which one car is shipped. The container is reserved for one customer, and he can ship personal belongings or belongings with the car inside the container.

Shipping cars from Dubai to Switzerland through RORO ships:

In addition to containers, we also have RORO shipping services for transporting large vehicles and oversized machinery.

This method requires that the car be in working condition, where car is fully inspected and then driven to the deck of the ship and fixed and secured under special awnings to protect it from any dangers or weather factors.

Since Switzerland is a landlocked country, we will use either rail or trucks to transport the vehicle from the port of entry to the destination in Switzerland. The carriers are equipped with special safety features to ensure the vehicles are well-secured to reduce We mainly use seaports in Belgium, Germany, or Italy.

Air shipping of cars from Dubai to Switzerland:

Air shipping is the fastest way to ship cars from Dubai to Switzerland, but it is more expensive than sea shipping.

However, it saves time and is better at preserving cars, so it is preferred by many who want to ship expensive cars or those who want to ship their cars in a short time. It is also safer than sea shipping, as car insurance against risks is at the highest level

How long will it take to ship a car from Dubai, UAE, to Switzerland?

Shipping a car by sea usually takes about 40 days, and by air takes about 5 days. However, specific shipping times can vary due to factors such as destination cities, chosen shipping methods, selected ports, and potential delays in customs or transportation.

Documents required to ship cars from Dubai to Switzerland:

  • Address and tax number
  • A copy of the sender’s and recipient’s passports
  • Original ownership
  • Export certificate if it is a final export of the car or tourist travel from the traffic centre or the Roads and Transport Authority, and a trip book from a car club if it is tourist travel.
  • Details of the customs broker at the port of arrival in Switzerland (name, address, and contact numbers)