Car To Ship provides car shipping services from Dubai to Serbia, utilizing various shipping methods including sea freight and air freight. Serbia is a landlocked country bordered by Hungary to the north, Romania and Bulgaria to the east, North Macedonia to the south, and Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Montenegro to the west. Did you know that over 10,000 cars are shipped to Serbia annually for international buyers?

What are the methods for shipping cars from Dubai to Serbia?

When choosing a shipping method, consider factors such as cost, transit time, convenience, and the level of protection required. Common methods for shipping cars to Serbia include container shipping and Roll-On/Roll-Off (RO-RO) shipping.

Shipping Cars from Dubai to Serbia via Containers and RO-RO:

1.Container Shipping:
Container shipping is a common method used for international vehicle transportation. Here’s a step-by-step overview of how the process typically works:

  • Container Selection: There are usually two types of containers used for shipping cars.
    20-foot Container: Suitable for smaller vehicles, typically reserved for one customer but can accommodate multiple cars.
    40-foot Container: Provides more space and is suitable for larger vehicles.

2.RO-RO (Roll-On/Roll-Off):RO-RO involves driving the vehicle onto the ship and parking it in a designated area. RO-RO ships are specifically designed for vehicles and often feature ramps for easy loading and unloading.

  • Documents Required for Shipping Cars from Dubai to Serbia:
    You will need to complete the necessary documents, including providing proof of ownership, insurance documents, and customs declarations if required:Address and Tax ID
    Passport copies of the sender and recipient
    Original ownership documents
    Export certificate if it’s a final export or tourism departure from the traffic department or roads and transport authority, and a logbook from a car club if it’s for tourism departure
    Details of the customs broker in Serbia (name, address, contact numbers)
  • Preparation:
    Before shipping your car, you need to prepare it for transport. This includes cleaning the vehicle, removing personal belongings, securing loose parts, and documenting any existing damage for insurance purposes.
  • Loading:
    Once all necessary documents are completed, the car will be delivered to the departure port. At the port, it will be loaded onto the shipping vessel either via RO-RO or container shipping.
  • Transit:
    The duration of the journey can vary depending on the destination and the chosen shipping method. It may take several weeks for the car to reach its destination.
  • Arrival and Customs:
    Upon arrival at the destination port, the car will undergo customs clearance. This involves document verification, payment of any applicable fees or taxes, and possibly inspection.
  • Delivery:
    Once customs clearance is completed, the car can be collected from the port and transported to its final destination, either by the owner or through a transportation service.

Shipping Cars from Dubai to Serbia via Air:

Shipping a car by air is significantly more expensive than other methods such as sea or land transport, primarily due to the high cost of air freight. However, it offers the advantage of speed, making it suitable for urgent shipments or situations where time is crucial. It is important to work with experienced shipping agents. At Car 2 Ship, we provide exceptional car shipping services.

  • Provide details about your car’s dimensions and weight to determine the suitable aircraft for transport.
  • Remove personal belongings and secure loose parts.
  • Prepare the required documents.