Tunisia is one of the countries from which many people travel from Dubai and the Emirates, for tourism or stability, and others for trade, so there are many people who want to ship their cars from Dubai to Tunisia in the best ways that maintain their cars with less Cost.

Car shipping methods from Dubai to Tunisia

Car to Ship uses several methods to ship cars, whether by sea or air from Dubai to Tunisia.

Car shipping from Dubai to Tunisia by sea:

      Shipping cars internationally has become an easy matter in the current era, and the car is received either from the customer’s door, or by delivering the car to the port himself, where shipping is done by international shipping lines, and sea freight is one of the safe ways for cars to reach their destination The ships loaded with cars move from Jebel Ali port, according to the destination they are going to in Tunisia, until the ships reach one of the Tunisian ports. The methods used in shipping cars by sea freight vary as follows:

Car shipping in containers:

 It is one of the most important and most popular shipping methods in demand by customers due to the safety it enjoys in delivering the car, in addition to being the least expensive shipping method.

The car is shipped inside containers, or standardized containers, which is the most economical method, where the car is safely placed inside the container with two or more cars.

Or you can use custom containers, which are more expensive than standard containers, where the car is placed securely inside the customer’s container, and one of the advantages of these containers is that they allow the customer to put any personal belongings in the container with his car, and then head from the port of Jebel Ali until you reach one of the former Tunisian ports.

Shipping cars by RORO

It is one of the least cost-effective ways to ship the car from Dubai to one of the Tunisian ports, and RORO ships are designed to transport all types of cars. And put it inside the ship, and it is not permissible to put any other goods inside the car.

 Car shipping from Dubai to Tunisia by air:

Air freight for cars is one of the fastest and safest shipping methods, and in certain circumstances can be very cost-effective for more valuable cars. The car is shipped inside the plane and then the plane moves from Dubai International Airport to Carthage International Airport in Tunisia.

Advantages of choosing Car to Ship in shipping cars from UAE to Tunisia

Shipping and delivery services from the customer’s door to the airport or port, and

– Car to Ship has special warehouses for collecting and maintaining cars.

– A team of experts within the company prepares the car for shipment and performs all customs procedures.

– Car to Ship has strong relations with all international shipping lines, which facilitates the shipment of the car and its delivery to its destination in Tunisia in the shortest possible time.