We in Car to Ship as one of the car shipping companies in Dubai provide car shipping service from the UAE to Romania within integrated services that meet the requirements of customers in transporting cars from the UAE to Romania, in terms of fast service, safe delivery and competitive prices, we put the safety of cars and their arrival in the time This is supported by our close dealings with international shipping lines, while providing the best available options in shipping cars and motorcycles that suit the size and quantity of cars and bikes to be shipped.

Our customers need to know the price of car shipping from Dubai to Romania, to fill out a quote request on the Car to Ship website, by knowing the car’s make and model, the expected shipping date, and the receiving location, we can respond quickly to the car shipping price.

We always strive to achieve customer requirements in shipping cars from the UAE to Romania by providing warehouses and platforms for transporting and receiving cars from all cities in the UAE and completing all procedures required for export and shipping, which makes the process of shipping cars easy and convenient, and we are keen to provide high competitiveness in Costs and provide an integrated and advanced vehicle transportation system.

Car shipping to Romania via sea freight within containers

It is considered one of the most important shipping methods and the most widespread and sought after by customers due to the safety it enjoys in transporting vehicles.

Cars are shipped in containers, either 40 feet large containers which are the most economical method, where the car is placed securely inside the container with two or more cars.

Or a 20-foot container can be used, where the vehicle is placed securely inside the customer’s container, and this container is characterized by allowing the customer to put any personal belongings in the container with his car, and then head from Jebel Ali port until it reaches the port of Constanta.

Shipping cars to Romania via RORO ships

It is also one of the least cost-effective ways to ship the car from Dubai to the port of Constanta. Ro-Ro ships are designed to transport all types of vehicles, trucks, and large machinery, where the car is secured under a cover that protects it from weather factors, and as a rule, all vehicles must be in good condition. It is fully functional and can be driven easily into the ship.


Advantages of car shipping service from Dubai to Romania with Car to Ship

  • Providing competitive price offers in shipping cars to Romania – Constanta port through full containers of various sizes.
  • Providing a car and motorcycle shipping service from Dubai and the UAE to Romania – Constanta port, whether personally or commercially, through sea freight from Dubai – Jebel Ali Port.
  • The possibility of preparing all the documents required to complete the shipment and customs procedures at the port of departure and arrival in Romania.
  • Speed ​​in completing shipping operations to achieve customer requirements.
  • Skills in choosing shipping lines and cruises heading to Romania.
  • Diversity of car shipping options to Romania, such as full or bulk container shipping, Ro-Ro ship, or air freight for cars.
  • Examination and inspection of the vehicle and the exact installation and linkage of the vehicle before starting the shipping process.
  • Car shipping management system via our website in Car to Ship to save time and facilitate communication with customers and suppliers and get car shipping prices easily.

Finally, we would like to note that the prices of car shipping from Dubai to Romania vary according to the method of shipping and the date of shipment throughout the year.