Many want to know the details of car shipping from Dubai to Togo, and Togo is one of the smallest African countries, but it has a privileged location that gives it an important economic weight, and the capital there, Lomé, is the main port in the country, and this port serves as the main point In international shipping between Togo and other countries,Car 2 ship  provides car shipping services from Dubai to Togo at the best prices and using the best shipping methods. In this article, we will show you the details of car shipping from Dubai to Togo and the most prominent advantages that we will provide you with car shipping services From Dubai to Togo.

Car shipping from Dubai to Togo by sea

The first way to ship cars from Dubai to Togo that we provide to you is sea freight, through regular cruises to the port of Lomé in Togo.

The most prominent feature of sea freight to Togo is our reliance on the best international methods and standards in shipping, along with our team specialized in managing the operations of sea freight for cars, who have full experience in dealing with car shipments to various destinations, including Togo.

Car shipping by container

We also offer easy and reliable container shipping services from Jebel Ali Port in Dubai to Togo. The options included are built-in containers and custom containers. The former is a bit cheaper than the latter and does not provide as much flexibility as to what items you can ship in the same container. Although the latter is a bit pricey, it will allow you to ship other items with your vehicle since the container will be intended to ship your vehicle alone. You can use the remaining space for whatever you want.

Car shipping via RoRo carriers

One of the solutions of shipping cars from Dubai to Lome is RoRo freight services. This is by far the mode preferred by many importers because it is affordable and offers flexibility for anyone to move any type of vehicle. To use this option, the vehicle you are charging must be in working condition as it will be driven to the ramp and off the ramp during loading and unloading respectively.

Car shipping from Dubai to Togo by air

The second way to ship cars from Dubai to Togo that we provide within our car shipping services is by air freight,

We provide you with multiple solutions in air freight to suit the different desires of customers and ensure that they ship cars from Dubai to Lome by air on time.

Some of our advantages in shipping cars from Dubai to Togo

We seek to be one of the leading shipping and customs clearance companies in Africa, which provides integrated services in shipping and transporting vehicles to customers through:

  • Providing regular cruises to ship cars to Togo.
  • Possesses experience in completing all papers and procedures necessary for international car shipping.
  • Extensive experience in air freight operations for cars.
  • We provide car insurance during transportation against shipping risks.
  • The presence of a distinguished work team at a high level of experience guarantees you a smooth and safe transfer.
  • Providing diverse and flexible shipping solutions when shipping cars from Dubai to Togo.
  • Rapid response in processing requests for international freight rates to Togo.
  • Achieving the necessary communication for companies and individuals between Dubai and Togo.