The process of shipping a car from Dubai and the United Arab Emirates to Libya is not difficult, it starts by filling out the quotation form in our website to give us the complete information of the car, its model, year of manufacture, and the destination in Libya.

We provide port to port freight services as well as door to port car freight services from United Arab Emirates to Libya. We will transport your vehicle from Jebel Ali port to the main Libyan ports Benghazi, Tripoli, Misurata and Al Khums, we have the experience and competent staff to ensure your vehicle is shipped and delivered safely and effectively.

Car shipping from Dubai to Libya via containers

To ship multiple vehicles to the same location in Libya, you can use the container shipping method as it is very convenient. One container can accommodate more than one vehicle. Also, it is not that expensive and because it brings all your vehicles together, it ensures that your vehicles are safe and secure.

The two types of containers we have are 20ft and 40ft containers, a maximum of 4 cars can be accommodated in these containers for shipment.

The use of containers shipping greatly reduces the cost of vehicle shipping. This has made it the most widely used shipping method for many vehicles.

Also, if a broken (non-functioning) vehicle is to be shipped, it should be sent in containers only because the vehicles will not be able to roll in and out of the Ro-Ro ships.

Car shipping from Dubai to Libya via Ro-Ro ships

RoRo shipping is used by most people who need to ship one or more vehicles and it is the cheapest shipping method, but it takes longer to arrive.

Vehicles must be in good mechanical condition to be shipped by RoRo as they must be moved on and off the vessel.

RoRo shipping includes the following requirements:

  • The vehicle must be running, and the brakes must be working.
  • Except for the winch, spare tire and other vehicle tools, no other objects should be found in the vehicle.
  • The fuel tank must be at least a quarter of its capacity.

Our advantages in shipping cars from Dubai to Libya

  • Follow safe methods to keep cars and install them well inside containers to ensure their proper arrival in Libya.
  • Inventory, careful examination, and inspection of the vehicle before carrying out the shipping process, explaining the shipping processes and the documents and documents required for export and customs clearance.
  • Dealing with complete documentation, handling operations and clearance operations at shipping ports.
  • Skill in choosing shipping lines and cruises that are characterized by specific and regular itineraries to Libya.
  • Diversity of vehicle shipping methods such as full and combined container shipping or shipping via RORO service.
  • Car shipping management system through our website to save time and facilitate communication with customers and suppliers and get quotations for car shipping from Dubai to Libya with ease.