We provide you with distinguished services in the field of international car shipping from Dubai to Djibouti, which is one of our most important destinations in Africa for car shipping.

We provide the process of transporting cars of all kinds via containers or through Ro-Ro service and delivery from Jebel Ali port in Dubai to the port of Djibouti, where our efforts are focused, and we always strive to choose the best shipping lines to ensure that you carry out the shipping process more efficiently and effectively and secure delivery to you as soon as possible.

We always work when shipping cars from Dubai to achieve the optimal balance between performance and delivery, and basically reducing shipping costs and expenses.

The most important feature of our service:

  • Follow safe methods to keep cars when shipping and install them well inside containers to ensure their safe arrival.
  • Inventory, careful examination, and inspection of the vehicle before carrying out the shipping process, explaining the shipping processes and the required documents and papers.
  • Dealing with complete documentation, handling, and clearance operations at shipping ports.
  • Choosing the best shipping lines and cruises that are characterized by making specific and regular itineraries to Djibouti.

Diversity in vehicle shipping methods, such as full and combined container shipping or shipping via Ro-Ro service.

  • Competitive prices to gain the confidence of our customers and transparency in the pricing process by clarifying all expenses incurred in shipping the car.

As a company specialized in the movement of car shipping from Dubai and UAE ports, we provide a car shipping management system through our website to save time facilitate communication with customers and suppliers and get quotes for car shipping from Dubai to Djibouti and Africa with ease.

Sea freight for cars requires carrying out many procedures related to ports and customs, to be supported by a team consisting of the sales team and the freight and clearance operations team ready to manage and deal with the shipment until it reaches its destination in Djibouti.

Shipping cars from Dubai to Djibouti via full containers

This is the best and fastest way among other shipping systems, as we provide containers of different sizes and types that suit the sizes and numbers of cars to be shipped, while arranging them inside the containers in an accurate and orderly manner, ensuring that they are not exposed to damage throughout the transportation period, which usually takes two to three weeks until reaching its destination. In the port of Djibouti, our services include receiving their cars, reducing the number of procedures they must take, and following the quality standards corresponding to the shipping conditions.

Shipping cars from Dubai to Djibouti by consolidating

This method of shipping cars is considered the least expensive in terms of shipping costs compared to other shipping systems and includes shipping the customer’s car in a part of the container, where the container includes several other cars that are assembled from other customers in order to reduce and distribute the costs and shipping expenses, sometimes some of the expenses related to the clearance process The customs duty of this type of shipment in the country of arrival is relatively higher than in the special full container shipping system.

Shipping cars to Djibouti via RORO carriers

These tankers are used to transport cars and all types of vehicles and trucks of various sizes in large quantities, as they are equipped with equipment that allows these vehicles to be driven from and to the ship by its wheels, allowing for fast loading and unloading.

One of its most important advantages is that shipping costs are relatively lower than shipping via containers, but it takes a long time to reach Djibouti.


Finally, we would like to note that the prices of car shipping from Dubai to Djibouti vary according to the method of shipment and the date of shipment throughout the year.