Car to Ship provides distinguished services in international car shipping from the United Arab Emirates to Bulgaria, which is one of the main destinations in Europe. Our car and motorcycle shipping depend on providing all flexible and integrated solutions and services through sea freight from Dubai to Varna Port in Bulgaria, through a specialized team, that always works to implement the needs of customers in transporting vehicles, and we are always working to achieve the optimal balance between the speed in performance, delivery, and cost, and we have provided shipping and transportation services from all cities in the Emirates to one of the Bulgarian ports.

Car shipping to Bulgaria via sea freight within containers

Car to Ship offers integrated and cost-effective services, delivery, and possibilities that facilitate the process of sea freight cars from the United Arab Emirates to Bulgaria, whether through full containers to the port of Varna.

Cars are shipped in containers, either 40 feet large containers which are the most economical method, where the car is placed securely inside the container with two or more cars.

Or a 20-foot container can be used, where the vehicle is placed securely inside the customer’s container, and this container is characterized as allowing the customer to put any personal belongings in the container with his vehicle.

We are also keen to apply quality and safety standards in dealing with all types of vehicles and motorcycles in terms of performance and safety and to provide the necessary equipment and technology for that, with proper care for them by providing an integrated network of distinguished service providers and contracts with the best global shipping lines.

Car shipping from Dubai to Bulgaria via RORO ships

It is also one of the most cost-effective ways to ship the car from Dubai to the port of Varna. Ro-Ro ships are designed to transport all types of vehicles, trucks, and large machinery, where the car is secured under a cover that protects it from weather factors, and generally, all vehicles must be in good condition. Complete work and can be easily driven into the ship and taken out as well.

Advantages of car shipping service from Dubai to Bulgaria with Car to Ship

  • Providing the service of shipping cars and motorcycles from Dubai and the UAE to Bulgaria, whether on a personal or commercial basis, through sea freight from Dubai.
  • Providing competitive price offers in shipping cars to Bulgaria – Varna Port through full containers of various sizes.
  • The possibility of preparing all the documents required to complete the shipping process and customs procedures at the port of departure and arrival in Bulgaria.
  • Speed ​​in the completion of car charging operations to achieve the desire of customers.
  • Examination and inspection of the vehicle and the exact installation and linkage of the vehicle before starting the charging process.
  • Car shipping management system through our website in Car to Ship to save time and facilitate communication with customers and suppliers and get car shipping prices easily.

Finally, we would like to note that the prices of car shipping from Dubai to Bulgaria vary according to the method of shipment and the date of shipment during the year, as well as according to the shipping line and the transit time.