The Republic of Benin is in West Africa, and Benin is one of the smallest African countries, bordered to the east by Nigeria, to the north by Niger, to the west by Togo, and to the south by the Gulf of Benin. Especially palm oil, which is the most exported product, cotton, and other crops, and cotton spinning products and minerals such as chrome and iron. Between Dubai and Benin for tourism or trade, and this makes they seek to ship their cars and luggage from Dubai to Benin.

Car 2 Ship is one of the car shipping companies in Dubai, which provides car shipping service from Dubai to Benin, where this service enjoys accurate delivery, safe delivery, and competitive prices.

Sea freight for cars from Dubai to Benin inside containers

This method is considered one of the most important and widespread shipping methods in demand among customers. Cars are shipped together inside large 40-foot containers, between two to three or even four cars in some cases, depending on the sizes of the cars, securely inside the container.

The customer can also use 20-foot containers to ship his car inside, and he can put his belongings with his car in the same container, this container is more expensive than the container that carries several cars, but it is convenient and fast.

Car shipping from Dubai to Benin via RORO ships

This method is also one of the least expensive ways, but the slowest speed, as it allows the transportation of all types of cars, vehicles, and trucks, by moving them by port workers to the deck of the ship under a cover that protects it from weather factors.

All vehicles must be in working order as they can be simply driven inside the ship, and upon arrival at Cotonou port, the cars are driven by them to the quayside to complete the receiving and customs clearance procedures.

Car shipping by air freight from Dubai to Benin

Airfreight is the fastest and most expensive than sea freight for cars. It is suitable for those who seek to ship their cars from Dubai to Benin in the fastest time or those who want to ship their expensive or distinctive cars, as air freight is the safest shipping method.

The planes in which the cars were loaded usually move from Dubai International Airport until they reach Malam Aminu International Airport in Nigeria, and from there the vehicle is transferred by road to Cotonou – Benin.

Advantages of shipping cars from Dubai to Benin through Car to Ship

  • Providing the service of shipping cars, heavy machinery, and trucks from Dubai and the Emirates to Cotonou – Benin, whether personally or commercially.
  • The possibility of preparing all the documents required to complete the shipment and customs procedures at the port of departure in Dubai and the port of arrival in Cotonou.
  • Providing competitive price offers in shipping cars to Benin via full containers of various sizes.
  • Diversity in the options for shipping vehicles to Benin, such as shipping by full containers, bulk or flat containers, or shipping via Ro-Ro ships.
  • Correct installation and linkage of the vehicle and careful inspection before starting the charging process.
  • Vehicle shipping management system via our website at Car to Ship to save time, facilitate communication with customers, and quickly obtain car shipping prices from Dubai.

Finally, we would like to point out that the cost of shipping cars from Dubai to Benin varies according to the shipping line, shipping method, and shipping date throughout the year, in addition to the different sizes of the vehicles.