Austria is in the center of Europe, as it is a landlocked country, and is characterized by a wonderful tourist atmosphere, especially with the presence of Vienna, the capital of art. It is one of the strong industrial countries that many countries deal with through various aspects of the trade, whether, through import or export, so many people move between the Emirates and Austria for tourism, study, and trade, which requires, however, the need to ship their cars, luggage, or even motorcycles from Dubai to Austria.

Car 2 Ship is one of the car shipping companies in Dubai, which provides car shipping service from Dubai to Austria, where this service enjoys the speed and safe delivery with high quality and competitive prices.

Car to Ship gives the safety of customers’ cars a priority with attention to the arrival of the car at the specified time and place, through a professional team that provides convenient and easy service by shipping cars and motorcycles with different shipping methods to Austria

Sea freight for cars from Dubai to Austria within containers

The customer can use 20-foot containers to ship his car inside, and he can put his belongings with his car in the same container.

Cars are also shipped together inside large 40-foot containers, and this is the least expensive method as a few cars between two to three cars are placed securely inside the container.

Ships move from Jebel Ali port to one of the Italian ports, and from there, cars are transported by land tankers or rail directly to Austria.

Car shipping by air freight from Dubai to Austria

Airfreight is the fastest and most expensive than sea freight for cars, as it suits those who seek to ship their cars from Dubai to Austria in the fastest time or those who want to ship their expensive or distinctive cars, as air freight is the safest shipping method, and the planes that have been Cars are shipped from Dubai International Airport or Abu Dhabi Airport until they reach Vienna Airport.

Advantages of shipping cars from Dubai to Austria via Car to Ship

  • Providing the service of shipping cars and motorcycles from Dubai and the UAE to Austria, whether personally or commercially, through sea freight from Dubai – Jebel Ali Port.
  • The possibility of preparing all the documents required to complete the shipment and customs procedures at the port of departure in Dubai and the port of arrival.
  • Providing competitive price offers in shipping motorcycles and shipping cars to Austria via full containers of various sizes.
  • Skill in choosing shipping lines and cruises heading to ports close to Austria, such as Italy and Central European countries.
  • Correct installation and connection of the car or motorcycle before starting the charging process.
  • Car shipping management system through our website in Car to Ship to save time and facilitate communication with customers and quickly get car shipping prices from the UAE.

Finally, we would like to note that the prices of car shipping from Dubai to Austria and European countries vary according to the shipping line, shipping method, and shipping date throughout the year.