Are you looking for an international shipping service for your car from Dubai and the United Arab Emirates to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania? We provide you with a professional car shipping service from Dubai ports to Dar es Salaam port in Tanzania.

Our team has a lot of experience in moving cars abroad and they will be able to assist you in all aspects of exporting your car through various modern technologies and sea as well as air freight solutions that suit your requirements and desires and it will interest you to note that we offer the most competitive rates.

Shipping cars to Tanzania via sea freight

Car Shipping via Ro-Ro carriers:

Among the solutions to ship cars from Dubai to Tanzania is RORO shipping services. This is by far the mode preferred by many importers because it is affordable and offers flexibility for anyone to move any type of vehicle. To use this option, the vehicle you are charging must be in working condition as it will be driven to the ramp and off the ramp during loading and unloading respectively.

Car Shipping by Container:

We also provide easy and reliable container shipping services from Jebel Ali Port in Dubai to Tanzania. The options included are built-in containers and custom containers. The former is a bit cheaper than the latter and does not provide as much flexibility as to what items you can ship in the same container. Although the latter is a bit pricey, it will allow you to ship other items with your vehicle since the container will be intended to ship your vehicle alone. You can use the remaining space for whatever you want.

Advantages of sea freight for cars:

  1. The most cost-effective means of transportation.
  2. You can ship your personal belongings in a standard container.
  3. It offers leading charge capacity on demand.
  4. The possibility of sharing the price of shipping and services with others who sometimes ship their cars with you.

Car shipping to Dar es Salaam via air freight

Air freight is the fastest way to ship a vehicle. However, that speed doesn’t come without a price tag, so shipping by air is still the most expensive option in the industry. Air shipments require less handling due to strict airport regulations, as shipments are collected and sorted by airport supply chain workers before international air shipments.

Advantages of air freight for cars:

  1. The fastest shipping method ever.
  2. Ensures higher vehicle safety
  3. It requires less handling time than containerized shipping on board

For any inquiries about car shipping services and prices from Dubai to Dar es Salaam – Tanzania, do not hesitate to contact us through our website or through direct contact with the company’s customer service.