We provide you with safe, competitive, and reliable car shipping services from Dubai and the United Arab Emirates to Spain. Whether you are looking to import or export regular cars or a classic car, you can count on us as well as on the experience we have gained over the years to deliver your car safely to your favorite destination in Spain.


Shipping cars to Spain by sea freight

We offer car shipping services via containers within an easy and reliable service from Jebel Ali Port in Dubai to the ports of Barcelona, ​​Valencia, and many Spanish ports.

The options listed are custom containers that allow you to ship other items with the vehicle because the container will only be for your vehicles.

As for the second option, it is shipping cars via Ro-Ro ships, which is a convenient, easy, and competitive service, but it takes longer than shipping via containers.


What are the required documents to ship cars from Dubai to Spain?

To ship your car to Spain, you must have a set of documents as well as conditions to allow your car to enter Spanish territory. But do not worry, we have collected the documents you will need to ship your car and we will also help you prepare the required documents at the port of departure in the UAE and the port of entry in Spain, here are the documents required:


  • Original address and tax number
  • Tourist travel certificate / or export certificate from the Roads and Transport Authority
  • Bill of Lading


Some of our features in car shipping from Dubai to Spain

Experienced and Trained Staff:

We have highly trained personnel in shipping and importing vehicles from the UAE. In addition, we have also invested in state-of-the-art facilities to facilitate the smooth transportation of your vehicles from the point of origin to the destination. The containers are equipped with special suspension kits to ensure that the vehicles are well secured throughout the shipping period.

Different ways to ship cars via sea freight or air freight:

We also provide you with a variety of car charging options so that you can choose the one you prefer or the one that best suits your car. For example, we have regular containers as well as bulk containers and ro-ro freight as well as automobile air freight.

Competitive car shipping rates:

Although we are a company that provides professional car shipping services from Dubai and the UAE, our prices are not higher than other car shipping companies, but on the contrary, we offer very competitive prices and provide many options for shipping and payment.

Remember that we also can provide car shipping from UAE to Europe with professional services thinking always in saving your time, money, and effort.

For any inquiries about car shipping services and prices from Dubai to Spain, do not hesitate to contact us via our website or through direct contact with the customer service.