Many people want to ship their cars to Italy in order to spend their vacation there because of Italy’s beautiful tourist places, in addition to those who want to go to study or settle, and others in order to carry out business for them, all of this makes many seek to take their cars with them From Dubai to Italy, and this is what makes them look for car shipping companies to complete this task, and of course Car to Ship Car Shipping performs this task in shipping cars from Dubai to Italy with efficiency and distinction.

Car shipping methods from Dubai to Italy

There are many ways to ship cars from the UAE to Italy, whether by sea freight of all kinds or by air freight.

1- Shipping cars from Dubai by sea via containers:

      Combined containers are used in which several cars are placed, or 20-foot special containers that can be customized to ship one car to one customer. inside it.

Containers are the safest way to ship cars. Containers are shipped inside ships that move from Jebel Ali Port, all the way to various Italian ports such as Rome, Genoa, Naples, Bari and Venice.

2- Car shipping from Dubai to Italy using RORO:

     This method is relatively less expensive for shipping cars from Dubai to Italy, where the car is driven and placed at the back of the ship, and then when it reaches its destination in Italy, it is driven outside the ship, and this method may take longer than shipping cars inside containers, and the carrier ships start For cars, their journey from Jebel Ali port to Italian ports.

Car shipping by air from Dubai to Italy

Air freight for cars is more expensive than other shipping methods, but it saves time, so it is preferred by many who want to ship expensive cars or those who want to ship their cars in a short time, and cars are shipped inside aircraft that move from Dubai International Airport or Abu Dhabi Airport to the various Italian airports, according to the destination specified by the customer for the arrival of his car.

Advantages of shipping cars from Dubai to Italy via Car to Ship

– The possibility of early and easy booking of car shipping from Dubai through the Car to Ship website.

– The vehicle is thoroughly checked before shipment and the necessary shipping documents are prepared.

– Securing the cars inside the containers from shocks through the correct linkage to prevent them from colliding.

– Clearance of customs procedures, whether in Dubai, through a team of specialists in customs clearance.

– We have our own warehouses in Dubai to collect cars.

– Good service at the lowest price with speedy execution.

– Car to Ship, through its agents in Italy, provides many services when the car arrives at an Italian port.

– Cooperating customer service to submit any inquiries related to car shipping from the UAE.

– Car To Ship provides car and truck shipping service from Italy and some European cities to Dubai as well.