We specialize in car shipping and transporting cars from the UAE to Ghana and African countries, where we take care of all the procedures required to complete the sea freight process of all kinds and finalize reservations with shipping lines, whether through containers or through the Ro-Ro shipping service.

We are always working to follow modern methods that ensure that cars are shipped from Jebel Ali Port in Dubai to Tema Port – Ghana correctly and properly, with the necessary expertise to provide fastening and fixing services inside containers with car insurance during transportation and special dealing with all types of cars Providing continuous and weekly flights through international shipping companies.


Car shipping from Dubai to Ghana by Sea freight with full container:

This system is one of the most appropriate ways of shipping cars used in shipping cars from Jebel Ali Port to Tema Port, where we provide 20-foot and 40-foot containers suitable for the sizes and numbers of cars to be transported, while arranging the process of lining them up inside the containers in an accurate and orderly manner, ensuring that they are not subjected to scratching or Damage throughout the transportation period and providing comprehensive insurance on the cars until their arrival at the port, including ending all required reservations with shipping lines and reducing the size of procedures within the quality standards corresponding to the shipping conditions.


Car shipping from Dubai to Ghana via RORO ships:

This system is one of the most used shipping methods when transporting vehicles with its abundance of freight costs, which depend on the size and weight of the vehicle to be shipped. It is also suitable for shipping heavy equipment that needs a large space when shipping and cannot be transported by closed container.

In ro-ro shipping, all types of vehicles of all sizes are transported into the ship, which are designed in a way that allows cars to be driven from and to it or using hydraulic ramps, which allows the speed of loading and unloading of vehicles, which facilitates the movement of transport and saves a lot of time and shipping costs on the sender.

how much does it cost to ship a car from dubai to ghana

Recently, and especially with the beginning of the Corona pandemic, it has become difficult to determine car shipping prices steadily and for a long period, but there are some factors that affect the prices of car shipping in general, including:
1- Shipping method where the car can be shipped (by land, sea or air).
2- The port of shipping, as some ports impose additional fees more than others.
3- Shipping method, where the price of car shipping in containers differs from the price of car shipping by Ro-Ro, and so on.
4- The date of shipping where prices are more expensive in seasons.

Advantages that we offer in car shipping service from Dubai to Ghana:

  • We offer distinguished levels of service in transporting cars from Dubai to Ghana with the ability to manage sea freight operations and deal with all types of cars with care and attention. This is supported by our professional team with its specialized expertise in shipping cars from the UAE and has the full ability to deal with all shipping procedures for cars destined for Ghana, in addition to the diversity of methods used in shipping such as transporting by full or bundled containers or by Ro-Ro carriers and our contracts with international shipping lines Which provides its services to the port of Tema at the best prices and the lowest period of time.
  • Inventory, careful examination, and inspection of the car before carrying out the correct stuffing and fixing process before shipping, and an explanation of the documents required to export the car from Dubai.
  • Providing car pick-up services from the customer’s door in all regions in the UAE.
  • Ability to track the vehicle throughout the transportation period until the vehicle arrives at its destination.
  • Knowledge and correct handling of the documentation required for shipping, handling, and customs clearance processes at the port of shipment and destination.
  • Adopting the principle of competitiveness in prices and quotations for car shipping to Ghana.