We provide car shipping service from Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi to most African countries and African cities, whether in North Africa, Central Africa or West African countries.

Ghana Tema and Accra, Tanzania Dar es Salaam, Kenya Mombasa, Nigeria Ababa, Senegal Dakar, Guinea Conakry, Djibouti, Cameroon Douala, Sierra Leone Free Town, Togo Lome, Congo Pointe Noire and others where we provide our customers with car shipping solutions suitable for their needs via air freight and sea freight.

We have strengthened our capabilities in car shipping by air freight and car shipping by sea freight, whether via containers or via Ro-Ro ships from Dubai to the airports and ports of African countries.


The most important African countries which we provide car shipping service from Dubai:

Car and vehicle moving service is available from Dubai to Ghana, Tema and Accra, Kenya Mombasa, Tanzania Dar es Salaam, Nigeria, Ababa and Lagos, Senegal Dakar, Guinea Conakry, Sierra Leone Free Town, Cameroon Douala, Congo Pointe Noire in addition to many countries such as Ethiopia, Madagascar, Malawi, Burunda, Ivory Coast, Mali, Mozambique, Togo, Uganda, Namibia, Senegal, South Africa, Djibouti, Eritrea, Gabon, Gambia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Chad, Benin, Botswana, Niger, Rwanda, Guinea, in addition to North African countries such as Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Libya and Egypt in record time and at competitive prices to achieve levels of customer satisfaction in African countries.

We guarantee that the process of shipping cars, vehicles and motorcycles from the UAE is carried out efficiently, effectively, and quickly until the completion of the customs clearance process and deliver it to you with flexibility and attention and through the lowest possible cost.

As part of our program to support car shipping services to Africa, we have dedicated a logistical link service between Dubai and African countries through close links with international shipping lines and airlines operating to Africa.

Our specialized team in the field of shipping cars by sea and air has the experience and the ability to provide the necessary assistance to customers in transporting vehicles wherever they are in the UAE to Africa.


Our services in shipping cars from Dubai to Africa:

  • Providing the service of shipping cars by sea via containers from Dubai and Sharjah to African ports.
  • Providing car shipping solutions by air from Dubai and Abu Dhabi to the main African airports.
  • Providing vehicle pick-up service from the customer’s door in Emirates cities.
  • Providing car shipping service via RORO ships to Africa, in addition to shipping service via full or combined containers.
  • Providing heavy equipment’s, trucks, large vehicles, and boats shipping services to Africa.
  • Providing vehicle insurance against transport risks.
  • The possibility of preparing all the documents required to complete the shipment, export, and customs procedures for cars.
  • Speed in delivery when shipping to achieve the customer’s desire.
  • Follow-up on car and vehicles receiving with suppliers through the implementation team.
  • We provide a shipping management system through our website to save time and facilitate communication with customers and suppliers, as well as get quotations for car shipping price to Africa with ease.
  • The possibility of storing cars in the company yard before shipping from Dubai to Africa.

Remember that we also can provide car shipping from Qatar to Dubai Ghana ,Egypt, Algeria, and other African countries with professional services thinking always in saving your time, money, and effort.