We specialize in car shipping from UAE to Qatar by land and sea freight, where we serve all categories of traders, companies, and individuals to ship all types of cars and motorcycles over the years, with our reputation and experience in this field.

Car 2 ship Car and Motorcycle shipping in the UAE has provided its various shipping services from Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and from all over the United Arab Emirates to the State of Qatar.

In shipping cars from the Emirates to Qatar and Doha, or shipping cars from Qatar to the Emirates, our services include organizing and managing the shipping process and customs clearance in all its steps before receiving the car to ensure that the shipping process runs in a flexible and proper manner.


Documents required when exporting and shipping a car from Dubai to Qatar:

– An export certificate from the Traffic Department, written on it, shipped by / Car 2 ship Cargo, Transport and Clearance Services

– A copy of the passport and Qatari ID of the recipient or resident.


The most important conditions for importing cars for individuals from the Emirates to Qatar

Qatar allows individuals to import cars, provided that the car model does not exceed five years for small cars, light trucks, pickups, and buses, and ten years for heavy trucks, and it is calculated in descending order, except for the current year. The vehicle must conform to the Gulf specifications and standards by bringing a certificate from the Standards and Metrology Authority. The documents must be valid and match the chassis number of the vehicle.

 However, students on scholarships abroad, are excluded from specifying the models, within the limits of one car during their scholarship period. As for the papers that must be submitted to complete the procedures for importing the vehicle, they are a document that proves the ownership of the vehicle or the export certificate from the traffic and national identity, and if the car is more than five years old, it must submit a letter from the competent authority proving that he was sent to study abroad and a document showing the date of owning the car abroad.

 As for residents of the State of Qatar, they have the right to import one private car every 3 years, and they are not entitled to sell it until after three years.


Car shipping methods from Dubai to Qatar:

* Transporting cars from the UAE via land freight:

It is considered the easiest and fastest way, where transportation is by private surfaces (recovery) of all kinds, including open trucks and closed trucks, Full Down suitable for luxury and sports cars in proportion to all types of cars. To ship a car to Qatar, takes about two to three days, according to the procedures at the borders and customs.

Shipping companies also provide a transportation service through collective car carriers, which are used to transport cars collectively, as they transport many cars ranging from seven to eight cars, which saves in shipping costs and expenses, but in general, it takes longer to reach than private recovery truck.


* Transporting cars from the UAE via sea freight:

We offer sea freight services from the ports of the United Arab Emirates to Hamad Port in Qatar, with handling, unloading, and customs clearance services for all types of cars and mechanisms, where transportation is carried out through dedicated containers of different sizes, including a 20-foot container that can accommodate one car. A 40-foot container can accommodate a larger number of cars Up to 3 or 4 depending on their sizes, in addition to the shipping service via RORO ships, which are used in the process of shipping large numbers of cars or shipping vehicles and large trucks.

Car shipping prices from Dubai to Qatar vary according to car shipping way by land, sea, or via a special recovery truck.

As for car customs in Qatar, it is determined according to the customs price regulations at the borders and can be found on the Qatari customs website.

Remember that we also can provide Car shipping from Qatar to Dubai UAE with professional services thinking always in saving your time, money and effort.