As Consider, Emirates is one of the important destinations for visitors, with its developed cities and wonderful beach resorts, and international trade fairs.

All this made many visitors, citizens, or residents of the State of Qatar, come to the Emirates for tourism or trade.

For all these visitors, we find their need to transport and ship their cars from Qatar to the Emirates, so they are looking for different transport companies that provide them with this service safely and easily, with the diversity of methods of transporting and shipping cars from Qatar to the Emirates, whether by land freight or by sea.


Car shipping methods from Qatar to Dubai

These methods vary, as we have already mentioned, from land, sea, and air, and we will explain and clarify each of these methods in the following:


Shipping cars from Qatar to the UAE by land:

 Cars are transported through open or closed carriers called flatbed truck, which are used to transport one car, and there are also larger carriers that can accommodate a few cars, which are called collective carriers.

Cars are shipped and transported from Qatar to Dubai by land via Saudi Arabia, where these surfaces move through Saudi Arabia and all the way to the Emirates.

Among the most important documents required for shipment:

  • Obtaining an export certificate for the vehicle to be transferred
  • A copy of the passport is also required
  • Also, a copy of personal identification must be available

The time of shipping and transporting the car from Qatar to Dubai via land freight takes about two days, and it is considered the easiest and fastest shipping method.


Shipping cars from Qatar to the Dubai by sea:

The option of sea freight for cars is one of the least expensive options in transportation methods, as it is about five times cheaper than air freight, but it is the slowest method, as it may take about 4 days for the shipping and transportation process to take place until the car arrives in Dubai, and is done through Hamad Port In Doha which is used to ship cars to Dubai, free storage is allowed at the port for up to approximately 7 days.

Sea freight is carried out using containers, whether those that can accommodate one car or containers that can accommodate a few cars, which are shipped from Hamad Port directly to Jebel Ali Port, by cargo ships.

Charging and transportation may be done through the RORO method, by putting the car in motion to enable the driver to move it inside and outside the ship, and this method is affordable and reliable and is used to ship any type of vehicle, including trucks, buses, sedans, etc. It is of different types.

Remember that we also can provide car shipping from UAE to Qatarwith professional services thinking always in saving your time, money and effort.

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