Al Fares Car Shipping Services provides marine freight services for cars from Dubai and the UAE to Turkey, which meets the logistic requirements of customers.

As well as our multiple dealings with shipping line companies such as Maersk, Hapag Lloyd, MSC, BMC, CMA SGM, ONE LINE and others, we guarantee you a safe and fast shipping process at the lowest possible cost to reach you in the main ports in Turkey: Istanbul, Mersin, Iskenderun, Izmir, Antalya, and other ports, so shipping cars to and from Turkey is our specialty.


Procedures for private cars to enter Turkey:

First Step: The car owner must have a foreigner identification card or a temporary identity card, which is obtained from the Immigration Directorate of the state in which you live in Turkey.

Second Step: The car owner or his agent must go to the Customs Directorate in Turkey to obtain application No. (49/A), which is a request for a temporary entry or passage document. This document is valid for 15 days and is a blue card.

Third Step: The vehicle owner must have a vehicle traffic insurance book that is valid for one year.

Fourth Step: You must do a vehicle inspection at the Vehicle Inspection Station (TUVTURK) and obtain from it an inspection report submitted with the required papers at the Traffic Registration Office in Turkey. The Customs Administration in Turkey has allowed foreign cars to enter Turkey from abroad through an agent who holds an official power of attorney from the consulate or from a notary and no longer requires the presence of the car owner in-person to complete the procedures himself.


Documents required at the traffic registration center in Turkey to enter private cars:

– A foreigner’s identification card, identity card, residence card, or temporary protection card.

– A temporary entry or transit document is valid for 15 days.

– The vehicle’s ownership document and proof that it is registered in your country of residence.

– Car insurance for at least one year.

– Vehicle inspection report from TUVTURK Center.

– The current login document was translated into Turkish and certified by a notary public.

– Traffic plates of the foreign vehicle.


The advantages of our services in car shipping from Dubai to Turkey:

  • Providing containers of different sizes and types and shipping through the “Ro-Ro” service to suit the size and nature of all types and numbers of cars.
  • The skill in choosing the best shipping lines and cruises that are characterized by making specific and regular itineraries and dealing with complete documents, handling operations, and customs clearance operations in the ports of shipment and arrival.
  • Distinguished service levels in shipping cars from the Emirates to Istanbul and Turkey and the ability to manage sea freight operations and deal with all types of cars with care and attention supported by our professional team and its specialized expertise in this field has the full ability to deal with all shipping procedures for cars destined to Turkey.
  • Providing internal transport surfaces to receive your cars from all regions in the UAE, which guarantees your comfort.
  • Providing the possibility to track your cars throughout the transportation period until they reach their destination.
  • Connection, thorough examination, and inspection of the vehicle before carrying out the shipment process.
  • Experience and knowledge of the documents required for the entry and customs clearance process.
  • Competitive costs in shipping cars from the UAE to Turkey and vice versa.
  • Providing an integrated service in shipping cars from door to door.

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