• The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia allowed its citizens to import cars of different types and models, but provided that the model of the imported car does not exceed five years for small cars, where the model of the car allowed to be imported is calculated, except for the current year, that is, it is not calculated, for example, the year 2021, and the oldest is calculated.
  • For example, imports are made for small cars, as well as buses, and light trucks, which are especially from 2016, model 2017, 2018 model, 2019 model, 2020 model, and with the increase of a new year falls an old one as from the beginning of the new year will be dropped 2016 and entering 2022 for the possibility of importing its models.
  • In addition, an energy efficiency certificate must be issued, and a certificate called (United Warranty), as the cars that are imported from America, as for heavy freight cars, it is allowed to import trucks of their model not exceeding ten years.
  • It is allowed to import antique and valuable cars, and the age of this car should be more than 30 years. In addition, the issuance of the customs card must conform to the vehicle, and comply with the Gulf standard specifications, by submitting a certificate from the Standards and Metrology Authority in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Conditions for importing cars for residents of Saudi Arabia

  • Also, any resident in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has the right to import one car, which must be specified, and the car is imported every three years, in addition, it is not permissible to sell this imported car after three years from the date of its import, as it is stamped on this card that it cannot be Sold only after these three years.
  • The resident is also not allowed to import transport vehicles, as well as buses, as he is not entitled to import any large or small truck, in addition to removing the expiry of the three-year period from the card, or if the exit is final.
  • One of the documents that must be provided and submitted to the customs, to complete the import procedures for the car, is a document that proves the ownership of the car in full, and this document includes the original form or the certificate of origin, and it must be certified by the authority concerned with imported cars, and this is from America and Canada, a brilliant imported from Europe.
  • As for the cars imported from the Gulf countries, an export certificate must be provided, as well as the equivalent from other countries, in addition to the necessity of obtaining a residency import license, and a document must be provided for this. He must fully explain all the methods of payment he will make, and through which the evaluator will pay.