Are you looking for a distinguished service in shipping cars from Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and the UAE to Lebanon at competitive prices?

We specialize in international car freight services from the UAE to Lebanon and the Arab world through sea freight, land freight, and even air freight.

Our employees have more than 10 years of experience in the car shipping industry and the safety and security procedures for cars. We also provide guiding advice on the necessary documents in the process of exporting cars to Lebanon and customs clearance to facilitate the shipping process and gain the confidence of our customers.

If you need to ship the car from the Emirates to Lebanon, we can help by providing a great service at competitive prices, whether through land freight by collective carriers, or through sea freight within the container, or through Ro-Ro freight, or through air freight.

All you have to do is communicate with us, either through direct contact, email us through our website, or come to the company’s headquarters to start the shipping procedures, take the full information and receive the car wherever it is in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or the Emirates cities, and start the shipping process.


Documents required to ship a car from Dubai to Lebanon:

  • An export certificate or (tourist certificate in case of travel for tourism) from the Traffic or the Roads and Transport Authority, written on it, shipped by / the name of the shipping company that has been fully and correctly agreed upon.
  • Copy of the recipient’s passport


How are cars shipped from the Emirates to Lebanon?

Shipping cars from the UAE to Lebanon via land freight:

It is considered the easiest and fastest way, where shipping is carried out through collective car carriers, which are relatively large surfaces consisting of two floors, specially made to transport cars collectively, with a capacity of 8 cars, which saves in shipping costs and costs on the customer, as it reaches the borders of the Lebanese Syrian Al Masnaa to be received and cleared. customs duties on it by the recipient.


 Car shipping from Dubai and Abu Dhabi to Lebanon via sea freight:

It uses custom containers of different sizes, including a 20-foot container that can accommodate one car, and a 40-foot container that can accommodate a larger number of cars, up to 3 or 4 depending on their sizes. Shipping is usually done from Jebel Ali port in Dubai to Beirut port in Lebanon in a period ranging from Between 22 to 28 days approximately, after which the receipt and customs clearance will take place at the port of Beirut.


We are always striving to develop our services in international cross-border car transportation from the UAE by providing comprehensive and high-quality services and according to the needs of customers in shipping vehicles from Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah to Beirut and Lebanon and vice versa, and we would like to note finally that the prices of car shipping From Dubai and the UAE to Lebanon, it varies according to the method of shipping and the date of shipment throughout the year.