We specialize in car shipping from the UAE and the world. Through us, our customers can get cars and motorcycles exported from the United Arab Emirates, quite easily and at competitive freight rates, and shipped from Dubai to Greece and all over the world.

Through us, you can ship cars and motorcycles from Dubai to Greece and to multiple European countries. All this on time and at competitive prices.


How to ship a car from Dubai to Greece?

Our company is distinguished by its experience in car shipping for many years, and it provides car shipping services of all kinds in the following ways:

Car shipping from Dubai to Greece via sea freight:

This method is one of the preferred ways for customers through Jebel Ali Port in Dubai, where we provide containers of different sizes and types that suit all types and numbers of cars to be shipped, with their arrangement and installation inside the containers in a tight, organized and safe manner, ensuring that they are not exposed to damage or move during the shipping period.

We have 20 feet containers that can accommodate one car and 40 feet containers that can accommodate three or four cars depending on their sizes.


Car shipping from Dubai to Greece via Airfreight:

It is a service that we provide through international airlines through a team expert in all air freight procedures for cars and motorcycles from Dubai and Abu Dhabi airports.


Documents required to ship cars from Dubai to Greece:

– Address and tax number

– Copy of the sender and recipient’s passport

– Export certificate or tourist certificate from the Traffic Center or the Roads and Transport Authority.

– Bill of landing.

– The name of the customs clearance company in Greece.


Our advantages in car shipping service from UAE to Greece

We are always working to facilitate the movement of international car transportation and freight for our customers in the United Arab Emirates, the Arabian Gulf, the Middle East, and the world, and we work to provide international transportation solutions for cars that meet the desires of customers, whatever they are in terms of time, quality, and costs.

We can carry out the shipping business of cars and vehicles, whatever they are around the world.

Our trained staff is the most important source of customer service in line with their business aspirations and logistical needs. Knowledge of customer needs, logistical expertise, and confidence in working perfectly are what distinguishes our staff in all its departments.

  • Extensive experience in shipping cars and motorcycles via sea freight.
  • Fast ​​in completing the shipping, receiving, and delivery operations.
  • Our competitive prices in shipping vehicles are based on solid contracts with international shipping lines.
  • Safe storage of vehicles before shipment.
  • Car insurance services against shipping risks.
  • Documentation and customs clearance of shipments.
  • Integrated shipping services in all its stages.
  • Car shipping service from the door to the port or from door to the airport.
  • Providing car shipping service from Greece to the UAE.

Remember that we also can provide car shipping from UAE to Europe with professional services thinking always in saving your time, money, and effort.