There is no doubt that working with a reliable and professional car shipping company in the UAE ensures the customer an effective, comfortable, and easy achievement in the process of shipping cars from Dubai and the UAE to Bahrain.

We offer you our various services in car shipping from Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and from all parts of the United Arab Emirates to the Kingdom of Bahrain and vice versa around the clock.

In shipping cars and motorcycles from the UAE to Bahrain and Manama, our services include organizing and preparing the required documents with the customer in all its steps before receiving the car to ensure that the shipping process proceeds in a flexible and proper manner.

Speed ​​in achievement, competitiveness, knowledge and vehicle safety, and others are constant criteria we have in every process of transporting cars to and from the Kingdom of Bahrain.


Car shipping methods from UAE to Bahrain

Shipping cars from Dubai to Bahrain via land freight

Where shipping is carried out by special surfaces (recovery), which are characterized by different types, such as open surfaces and others that are hydraulic, including fully closed surfaces, either with a curtain or with a box.

The time required to ship a car or motorcycle by flatbed truck or crane from Dubai to Bahrain takes from two to three days, depending on the customs clearance process at the border.

Cars are also shipped from Dubai via collective car carriers, which are large, two decks specially made for collective car transport, accommodating up to 8 cars.




Car shipping from Dubai to Bahrain via sea freight

Through 20-foot containers, which can accommodate one car, or through a 40-foot container, which can accommodate a larger number of cars, up to 3 or 4 according to their sizes. Shipping is usually done from Jebel Ali Port in Dubai to Port Salman in Manama in a period ranging from 3 to 4 days Then the customs clearance will be carried out in Bahrain.

We also provide a car shipping service from Bahrain to the UAE via sea freight from Port Salman to Jebel Ali Port or via a special land surface within a distinguished door-to-door service. The customer can contact us to coordinate the necessary papers and book an appointment to receive the car and start shipping.


Our advantages in shipping cars from the UAE to Bahrain or vice versa:

  • Assisting in preparing the required and necessary documents for shipping the vehicle and customs clearance at the border.
  • Professional service in shipping classic cars from the UAE to Bahrain.
  • Experience and flexibility in the work of shipping vehicles with the provision of necessary advice and advice before transferring the vehicle from the Emirates until the moment it arrives in Bahrain.
  • We provide a temporary car storage service in Dubai.
  • A special service for shipping sports and luxury cars from the Emirates to Bahrain via closed recovery.
  • Car shipping services from Abu Dhabi to Bahrain and vice versa.
  • Competitive prices for car companies and showrooms in the UAE and Bahrain.
  • Car insurance service against transport risks as desired by the customer.


For more information regarding car shipping services from the UAE to Bahrain, do not hesitate to contact us or send your request through our website, we will respond to all requests for shipping rates directly.

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