We always strive to make the process of shipping a car from the Emirates to Kuwait uncomplicated, we try to make it an easy and flexible process, especially as we are a professional car shipping company. We do this process professionally and flexibly while facilitating all procedures for the customer.

The process of transporting cars from the UAE to Kuwait or vice versa requires a specialized team that is distinguished by its great experience and high professionalism, as car shipping depends on many documentary and practical procedures to be carried out smoothly and correctly.


Transporting cars from the Emirates to Kuwait:

The State of Kuwait gives its Kuwaiti citizens the right to import cars into it, provided that the model of the imported car does not exceed five years, except for the current year, for small cars, light trucks, pickups, and buses.

The customer should clear the car himself when it arrives at the Kuwaiti border.

It is worth noting that the rights to import cars into the State of Kuwait are for the Kuwaiti citizen only or for companies. As for the resident, he is not entitled to do so.


Documents required to import a car from Dubai to Kuwait:

– Export certificate from the Traffic or Roads and Transport Authority, written on it, shipped by / the name of the shipping company that has been fully and correctly agreed upon.

– Copy of the recipient’s passport with a copy of the ID card


How are cars shipped from the UAE to Kuwait?

Shipping cars from the UAE to Kuwait via land freight:

It is considered the easiest and fastest way, as it is shipped by special surface truck (recovery), which are distinguished by their different types, some of which are ordinary open surfaces and others that are hydraulic, including completely closed surfaces, either with a curtain or with a box, and these flatbed trucks are used to transport only one car, they are characterized by speed in transportation and Maintaining the car in excellent condition.

The transit time required to ship the car by flatbed truck or crane (recovery) from Dubai to Kuwait takes from two to three days, depending on the customs clearance process at the borders.

We also provide a car shipping service from Dubai through collective car carriers, which are large surfaces of two floors, specially made to transport cars collectively, accommodating 8 cars, which saves in shipping expenses and costs on the customer, but it is relatively late in arrival compared to the private recovery truck.


Shipping cars to Kuwait via sea freight:

It uses custom containers of different sizes, including a 20-foot container that can accommodate one car, and a 40-foot container that can accommodate a larger number of cars, up to 3 or 4 depending on their sizes. Shipping is usually done from Jebel Ali port in Dubai to Shuwaikh port in Kuwait in a period ranging from Between four to five days, after which customs clearance will done at the port of Shuwaikh.

We also provide a car shipping service from Kuwait to the UAE via sea freight from the port of Shuwaikh or through a special flatbed truck within a distinguished door-to-door service. The customer can contact us to coordinate the necessary papers and book an appointment to receive the car and start shipping.

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