If you want to ship a car or motorcycle from the UAE to the Netherlands, or if you are looking for marine logistics solutions and a variety of car shipping services, welcome to Al Fares Car Shipping Services.

We can offer you a variety of distinguished services in sea freight for cars from Jebel Ali port in Dubai to Rotterdam port in the Netherlands and effective sea freight solutions that meet the requirements and needs of your business according to the best standards and competitive prices, including car insurance services throughout the transportation period with a quick completion Customs procedures and ensuring its arrival as soon as possible to its destination.


Car shipping steps from Dubai to Holland

 – The first steps are the inspection process to provide a detailed and accurate quotation and explain the shipping process and the documents required for the shipping process and customs clearance.

– The second step is to give a competitive price offer, to gain the confidence of our customers, save as much as possible in costs and clarify all expenses incurred in the shipping process. Maintaining competitiveness in pricing and quality of service is a fixed business strategy for our company, and we aim to provide an integrated and advanced system Car shipping at competitive prices with outstanding service.

– The third step consists in scheduling the car receiving from the customer directly before the sailing date, to complete the process of lashing and fixing inside the container and to end customs and export procedures.

Our interest is providing you with comfort, flexibility, and safe transportation of your cars until they reach their destination with Providing the possibility of tracking the transported vehicle during the shipping period.


Car shipping from Dubai to Rotterdam port via containers:

This system is the best and fastest among other car shipping systems, as we provide containers of different sizes and types to suit all types and numbers of cars you want to ship with their arrangement and installation inside the containers in a tight and orderly manner, which ensures that they are not exposed to damage or move throughout the transportation period. Our services include facilitating the trouble for customers in Receiving their cars from all cities and regions of the Emirates and reducing procedures they must take and following the highest standards of logistical quality.

Containers are better to protect vehicles in transit from damage or theft as they are closed at the port of shipping after vehicles are loaded with a lead seal and are not usually opened until they reach their destination, so they are ideal for preserving vehicles throughout the shipping period.

Our distinguished prices are based on providing multiple partnerships with all international shipping lines, whether for 20-foot containers, which can accommodate one car, or 40-foot containers, which can accommodate three or four cars in some cases, depending on their sizes.

Car shipping systems from the UAE to the Netherlands via RORO carriers:

These huge vessels are used to ship cars and all types of vehicles and trucks of different sizes in large quantities, as they are equipped with equipment that allows these vehicles to be driven directly to and from the ship, allowing quick loading and unloading using hydraulic ladders to facilitate the movement of transportation, and one of its most important features is that the shipping costs in it are lower Relatively of container shipping but it takes more time.


Car shipping from Dubai to the Netherlands via air freight

We provide this service through our contracts with the international airlines through an expert team in all air freight procedures for cars via Dubai and Abu Dhabi airports.