Al Fares Car Shipping Services works to provide a high level of service and outstanding performance in car shipping from the Emirates to Poland, where we provide marine transport services from Dubai ports to Gdynia port in Poland or through German ports to Poland, which meet all customer requirements and comply with their standards.


Car shipping from Dubai to Poland via FCL:

This system is one of the best ways to ship cars in transporting cars from Dubai to the port of “Gdynia” in Poland or Hamburg port in Germany, where shipping is carried out in 20-foot and 40-foot containers suitable for the sizes and numbers of cars desired to be transported for one customer, with the arrangement of the process of placing them inside Containers are accurate, organized and tight, ensuring that they are not exposed to movement during the shipping process, or subject to scratching or damage.

In addition to providing the insurance service for vehicles against shipping risks until they reach their destination, and our services include facilitating the trouble for customers in completing all required shipping procedures with the port, customs, and shipping lines, and reducing the size of the procedures that they must take at the port of shipment and arrival and following the highest standards of quality conformity for shipping conditions.


Car shipping from Dubai by consolidated containers:

This system aims to carry out the transportation process at the lowest possible cost, by assembling cars from more than one customer within one container to reduce and distribute freight expenses, however, the expenses of clearance at the port of arrival are relatively higher than other shipping methods.

In this, a bill of lading is issued to each customer inside the container by the Al Fares or the shipping line to guarantee his right to receive and clear his car in Poland.


Car shipping from Dubai to Poland via RORO:

This system is one of the relatively slow car shipping methods used when transporting vehicles to Poland, with its abundant shipping costs, which depend on the size and weight of the vehicle to be shipped, which is suitable for shipping heavy equipment and mechanisms that need a large space for shipping and cannot be transported by closed container.

In this system, all types of vehicles of all sizes are transported inside the ship, which is designed in a way that allows cars to be driven from and to it or by using hydraulic ladders, which allows quick loading and unloading of vehicles, which facilitates the movement of transport and saves a lot of time and shipping costs on the carrier.


The most important features of our car shipping service:

  • To follow accurate and safe methods to maintain the cars during the shipping process and their safe arrival from bundles, tying, and tight fixation at the shipping port.
  • Inventory, careful examination, and inspection of the vehicle before carrying out the shipping process, explaining the shipping process and the required documents and papers.
  • Experience in the proper handling of complete documentation, handling processes, and customs clearance processes at ports of shipping and arrival.
  • Skills in choosing the best international shipping lines which are characterized by specific and regular itineraries and speed of delivery.
  • Diversity in vehicle shipping methods, such as full or bulk container shipping, or via Ro-Ro service, according to the customer’s request.
  • Competitive prices and customer service to gain customers’ trust with transparency in the pricing process by clarifying all shipping costs.
  • The possibility of storing cars in the company’s yard according to the customer’s request before shipment.